Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hello Everyone

I would like to introduce myself to everyone. I am a mother of five kids 3 boys and 2 girls. I have 2 healthy girls. My husband and I found out in February of 2012 that all 3 of my sons have Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. My sons also have ADHD which is common among boys who have Duchene. My oldest son also has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability. I have always had excellent luck with finding resources and have also had amazing health care providers and Teachers in our lives. As I began to get more involved with the Duchene Community I began to see how difficult it can be for parents to navigate the system and find sufficient Health professionals and communicate with teachers. I have always helped parents with this but I found my knowledge limited and decided enough was enough. I was referred by my brother to a program called AZ Partners In Leadership where I learned more about being an advocate for my children and friends children. While in this program I met this wonderful group of women with whom I helped create and design this blog to help create awareness for people with Special Needs.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities will happen and the type of activity will depend on your child.  It could be music, play groups, clubs or sports.  The letter below can be used to help your child in various extracurricular activities. 

Extracurricular activites letter template

Camp, Field Trip or Sleep Aways

Things are going great for your child in school.  Then all of sudden you receive the information that there is a overnight field trip or maybe your child wants to attend a camp.  My first thought would be wait this is not part of the plan but your child really wants to go and you feel like it would be a good experience for  them.   Below is a letter template to that you can use to give to the school chaperones or camp leaders. 

Camp or Sleep Away Letter Template

Elementary School

Well a huge congratulations to you for having a child in elementary school.   Just like preschool, elementary school can be nervous for the parents.  A great way to make school positive for your child is to include a letter to the teacher about your child.

Elementary School Letter Template


I remember when my daughter started preschool.  I was so nervous and I cried the entrie week before she was to start preschool. I wanted the teacher to know everything about my daughter and hope that she would remember everything I had said.  I'm sure we all have experienced similar feelings.   Having a letter to the preschool teacher will help the teacher know your child a little bit better and also a good reminder for your childs specific needs. 

Preschool Letter Template

Medical Emergency Card

You never know when you will have an emergency while you are at home, vacation or just out having some family fun time or running errands.   When there is an emergency it is always nice to be prepared.  Having a emergency card with you will help medical personal with any questions.  Sometimes you can't always remember medication names, the dosage or the number for your emergency contact. Having a medical emergency card to carry with you or keep in the vehicle is always a good idea. 

Medical Emergency Card Template

Doctor Letter

You have waited months for an appointment with a speciality doctor.  You have stressed over this appointment and have so many questions.  You show up at the appointment with a stack of medical papers.  The doctors starts to ask questions about surgeries, procedures, other test that have been done, and any symptoms your child has been having. You can't remember the specifics and you look through your stack of paper for answers.  By the time you are done with the appointment, you leave with more answers than you came in with.  

By using the doctor template below it will help you organize medical information and when you go to doctor appointments or even the emergency room.  Having the information organized and available to view will help with a smoother appointment and get your questions answered. 

Medical Appointment Template